Battle of the Books is a reading incentive programme for students aged 8 – 12; the aim is to encourage students to read good books and have fun whilst competing with peers.

The adopted theme was the ‘Battle of the Books’ – the initial quizzes were centred on books read during the BOB programme, and the students competed against their peers in their own schools in a quiz based on the content of those books. These ‘battles’ or quizzes took place in Buncrana Community Library this spring.

The next stage of the programme involved the winning team from each school competing against the winning teams of each of the schools participating. The final quiz took place in Buncrana library.

Battle of the Books was a great success this year and congratulations to the pupils from our school, Jonathan, Evan, Cora and Ronín, who won!

UPDATE (May 2014) – Congratulations to St Mura’s for winning the Battle of the Books for the second year running.