st muras buncrana school students

St. Mura’s is about the education of the whole person. The unique environment that is associated with our school seeks to challenge each student to develop their potential, to be socially aware, constructively critical and questioning. The family atmosphere that prevails in the school ensures the building of warm, personal relationships, where there is trust and respect, encouragement and forgiveness.

Our Aims are:-

  • To encourage artistic expression and appreciation.
  • To promote intellectual development.
  • To help personal development – both physical and emotional, in encouraging a sense of self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle.
  • To foster spiritual growth by helping pupils develop moral and Christian values and a respect for the beliefs and traditions of others.
  • To increase global awareness and social responsibility towards the environment in which we live.
  • To encourage parental involvement and to foster links with other schools and the wider community.

The school’s ethos relies upon, and is committed to, the Christian Faith, through which is established a spiritual framework that seeks to nurture a sense of moral right and the development of a strong values system..

We aim to provide our children with a broad general education which facilitates the nurturing of each pupil’s full educational potential.