The content in this section contains information on St Mura’s Health and Safety guidelines.

1. Children who are ill should not be sent to school.
2. Parents are asked that teachers be made aware of any physical disability or allergies which their child may have.
3. Please check your child’s hair regularly for outbreaks of head lice. If there is an incidence of head lice in a class, all parents are informed by note and asked to take immediate action to treat infestation.
4. Minor accidents are treated at school. Slight cuts and grazes are normally treated with cold water and applying a plaster to the wound. When a dressing has been put on a wound, parents are requested to inspect the wound when the child comes home.
5. In the event of accident/child becoming ill, every effort will be made to contact the pupil’s parents or persons delegated to take responsibility for the pupil. The school should be notified immediately of change of address, telephone number, etc.
6. The school will not accept responsibility for any medical expenses incurred.