Firstly, a big welcome to the new Junior Infants – Eva and Caroline. We wish them a happy and successful 8 years at St Mura’s. A big welcome also to Kayla, a new Senior Infant pupil and to Chloe and Daena, new pupils in 5th class.

School Improvement Plan: From the 2013/2014 school year and onwards, each school is asked to develop a school improvement plan for that school year. We have been asked to look at areas of strength and areas of improvement in teaching and learning. This year we have decided to concentrate on literacy with particular emphasis on reading for comprehension. A copy of the school improvement plan will soon be available on this website. We will be introducing some new programmes this year as well as continuing programmes we introduced last year. We will hold a short information session for the introduction of Literacy Liftoff in Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd classes on Tuesday October at 2pm. All welcome.

Parent – Teacher Meetings: on Thursday 14th November. All parents will be assigned an appointment nearer to the date. We would ask you to be punctual to facilitate the smooth running of the afternoon. If you are unable to attend at the time assigned to you, please advise the office and we will arrange another suitable time for both parent and teacher.

Community Clean: We will hold a community clean up in the coming weeks as part o the requirement for our Green Flag. We will set the date soon. All volunteers welcome.

Dublin City Marathon: Sarah Webster will be competing in the Dublin Marathon to raise much needed funds for the St Mura’s school. Good luck Sarah!

Roots Of Empathy: We will be starting the Roots Of Empathy programme in the Junior classroom before Hallow e’en. This comprises 27 visits (9 family visits for the children to chart the baby’s development over the 8 months and 18 visits by the facilitator. The facilitator will be Sean Noonan, who is the coordinator of South Inishowen School Completion Programme (SISCP). Sean will be running the programme with Mrs Gallagher. For more information on the Roots O Empathy programme visit the Roots Of Empathy website.

Aistear Programme: We have started the Aistear Programme in the junior classroom. Children have four different areas of play and visit one area per day over four days. The focus is on improving oral language, vocabulary, team work and the development of social skills. Read more about the Aistear Programme offsite.